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Healthy Carbs for the Women of this Era: Embrace Amazing Transformation in your Persona

The food that we eat has three main nutritional components that make it up, commonly known as the macronutrients. These are fats, proteins and the carbohydrates which I’ll be getting into, here in this article.

But among these three, carbohydrates have been getting a real bad wrap recently. Just like the case was for fats, just a couple of decades ago. But this bad wrap so called is not without a legit reason. In fact, there is more than one.

But the case for carbs, like all others is not that straightforward. That points out why a little bit of explanation on this matter ( specifically, on the types and how each can affect your physiology) should be in order.

The 2 Main Types of Carbs and How they Work

There are two types of this macronutrient that you can get in the food that you buy. The distinction is based on the molecular design – simple carbs and the complex carbs.

First, the simple carbs which is the main type of carb you can find in the foods of the supermarket shelves. These go through complete processing and the fiber constituent is taken out as such.

Thus, your body can break it down easily. Sounds good? Well, that is exactly what is wrong with it.

As soon as you eat these, your body quickly breaks it down. And, a there is a rapid insulin spike, resulting in a precipitous increase in the absorption of sugar. But, once you reach the saturation point, it can take no more. And your body stores it as fat. That’s basically the gist of it and it’s bad for your physiology.

Now, the other type is the complex carbs, which you can get from the organic whole food sources. These foodstuffs take a longer time to digest and get into the bloodstream and has in it all the fibers. Vitamins and minerals are also there, by the way, depending on the source.

Fibers are really good for you and all of these together doesn’t evoke that rapid insulin spike. So, these are the ones that we should be consuming.

And now that you know which type of carbs are good for you and can not only keep you healthy. But also help you achieve weight loss, which is a really good thing and the other fitness goals.

Let’s get to the list of the healthiest carbs that women, who choose to live healthy, can eat.  

The 6 Foods to Incorporate into your Diet to Get those Healthy Carbs

I have listed here 6 different food types that you can buy the next time you go for your groceries. And no, healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring because you can cook great meals with these ones.

On top of that, I have divided them into two categories. One for breakfast and dinner. And for the others, they will be the snacks for consuming on the go.

The Big Meal Carbs

You can incorporate them into either one of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. And all of that will be up to your preferences. And the best thing about these is that, you will have steady energy levels due to the particular digestion process.


Oats is one of the best sources of complex carbohydrates that you can consume. And as such this has consistently been the breakfast of choice of many people. Athletes or otherwise, it is good for us all.

Especially women, who have the entire day in front of them to go out and conquer. You can get a lot of nutrients that’s for sure. But the best part is that you can cook food with it in any way you like. There is, in fact, a wide repertoire of options in terms of using in the different diets for losing weight.  

And also, since this is a complex carbohydrate which takes more time to digest, you will be able to maintain a steady energy level throughout the morning. That makes a great choice for women who work the 9 to 5s.

Quinoa Seeds

This is another one of the great options you can go for if you want to eat good carbs. Highly nutritious, quinoa seeds are very filling once you eat it. Also, you won’t have to worry at all about gluten intolerance, if you have that. As this doesn’t have any gluten.

Also, quinoa has decent protein content with all 9 of the necessary amino acids that you need. Other than that, this is also a very good source of micronutrients like vitamins E and B and also certain minerals. These are as important to your physiology, if not more.

And then again, it is up to you to come up with quinoa recipes that you might like. You’ll also have a lot of options with this one.

Brown Rice

If you like eating rice and you are concerned that it might be doing you harm. Then there is a solution for you, so that you don’t have to give it up. And that is brown rice.

The rice that you can mostly get from the markets is the polished white rice. And that is not a very healthy source for the carbs you need. But, brown rice is just the non-polished and non-processed version of that.

And as such, brown rice doesn’t spike insulin levels a lot after you consume it. Leading to steadier digestion, hence more level energy throughout the day. And yes, you’ll get vitamins and minerals in that as well.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are a fantastic source of carbohydrates and are going to be a sweet treat for your tastebuds. I This is definitely among the ones I prefer the most. You can also get your daily fix of fiber if you eat this. In fact, sweet potatoes have a lot of it along with other necessary micronutrients.

For me this is a great side to the main course that I have for either lunch or dinner, sometimes both. And is very good at keeping your stomach full for a while.


If you want not only a good source of carbs, but also a more complete food source. Then legumes will be the way to go. On top of that, these food types have a lot of fibers which will be really good for your gut bacteria.

There are just so many of these legumes that you can get. You can choose keeping in mind what dish you’re trying to cook.

My recommendation will be to mix and match among these legumes as you’ll also have some good quality plant based proteins that way. All in all, a great source of healthy carbs for women, which you can snack upon as well.

The Snacking Items

The foods in this category are the ones which you can eat when you feel like snacking. Also if you’re in a hurry, it is good to have these ones on board.

Just replace those sugar laden processed garbage with these, and you’ll feel better through and through.


This is one of the best snacking options that you can ever get, which can be so delicious as well. It doesn’t matter what berry it is that you like, all are good. Not only will you be able to fulfill your snack cravings. But you’ll also be ingesting lots of high-quality micronutrients as well.

So, keep a cup full of these every time you go about your day, and enjoy on the go.

Also, berries are a good source of necessary minerals. With these, you’ll be able to have some healthy skin care solutions as well.


Although this is a nut and we all know that nuts are more of fat sources than anything, it is natural for you to get confused.

But let me tell you that chestnuts are quite unique and they have in them more carbs than fats. The healthy carbs along with all the fibers and a lot of vitamin C. It also has minerals and thus it is a very healthy snack item.


A lot of people around the world eat fruits for snacks. You can do that too and it will give you all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs. But more importantly, these are a great source of carbohydrates.

Even if fruits have sugar in them, which is supposedly bad, the fiber that comes along with it nullifies a lot of the negative effects. To cite an example, we can draw attention to the quick and drastic spike in blood insulin levels.

To Wrap It All Up..

I now have let you know of all the healthy sources of carbohydrates that you can eat. But let me also tell you that your regular caloric intake is going to matter as well. Especially if you’re on a strict dieting regimen.

Because even if these foods are healthy, eating a large amount of healthy foods can be counterproductive.

So, as the best practice, find out how many calories you need to eat. And then keep all these healthy carb snacks and meals within that.

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