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How Digital Technology has Changed the Way We Parent

Children using smartphone

Parenting is one of the most challenging things in the world. A successful parenting can be evaluated by considering several factors. Earlier, the nurturing a children was very difficult but today with the revolution in the technology and the remarkable advancement, things have become easier for the parents across the globe.

The Digital Technology today has been playing an unavoidable role. Its importance in the life of modern parents is limitless. For the working couples, the concern for their children staying back at home alone was a matter of great worry. But with the constant improvement and advancement in digital technologies, millions of parents around the globe have felt extremely relaxed and today it has really changed the way parenting was done earlier.

Let us learn more about the sources helping millions of parents in the different nook and corners.  At present, there are a number of sources working on the basis of the varied technologies introduced by the many international brands for the convenience of all worried couples or single parents.

There are many innovative and user-friendly applications in the international market to monitor the children. These parental control App’s also helps you protect your loving children.

Some of the key features of these App’s include –

  1. Monitoring the phone activities of your child
  2. Block dangerous Apps and Websites
  3. Locate your child on a Real-time Map
  4. Instant locking and unlocking of your child’s device, and
  5. Compatible with both Android and iOS mobile operating system  

Good parenting was a big problem not only with the parents having grown-up children but also with the newborn babies. Big thanks to the technology, Internet in particular which has become the primary source of information made available free of cost*.

You can get an answer to your general questions like thumb sucking, breastfeeding, growth, height, and weight, different types of the essential vaccines, immunization duration, physical and mental health, and a lot more. The Internet has the solution to your thousands of the problems, queries, and confusions.

There are many health-related apps and websites available. Now parents can directly take the appointment online and consult the doctor from home and the office without physically visiting the doctor. So, there is no need to worry about leaving the kids at home alone or taking them together to the clinic.

E-commerce websites are also playing a vital role, you can buy anything online from baby products, clothing, furniture, grocery and other household things. This saves you money, effort and time which you can spend with your family and kids.

Social Media today has open the door for parents and they can connect with each other easily no matter in whatever location you stay. There are many online groups of parents where you can share your feelings, experiences, and get the solution to hundreds of concerns adding to your worries related to children and parenting. The sources such as parental control app, iPhone monitoring software, child monitoring app, family tracker app, and more are playing the inescapable part in successful parenting.

With video monitoring, parents can have a close eye on every single activity of little toddlers and growing kids. There are many companies manufacturing child-friendly tablet for their complete entertainment and quick learning. YouTube has facilitated thousands of animated educational, informational and useful videos for children of different age. The hundreds of riddles and poems for children in multiple languages with animated videos is a result-oriented learning source made available on YouTube and other platforms powered by internet supported technology.

Thus, truly Digital technology has changed the way we parent in the modern time.

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