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3 Reasons why Video Games are Helping Children


Research has shown that video games are helping children in real life decision making. Games such as Minecraft, Overwatch and Fortnite take strategy, skill and communication to master victory. A game such as these requires you to listen to sound for enemy footsteps or weapons, strategic thinking such as Fortnite’s fort building to not get hit and to communicate with your teammates.

Video games receive bad reputations for being too violent but there is not enough evidence to support that this finding. Kids do notice the violence but they are more concentrated on how to not be beaten by the other team.

Let’s take a look more in detail of these benefits. 

  1. Communication. In order to work as a team, you need to communicate. Headphones work fantastically as you are able to let your other teammates know what is going on. However, there are games out there such as Overwatch that have standard callings for teammates such as “I need healing!” or “Group up with me” to let your teammates know just that.This works if your child does not own headphones but they are essential. This is important as shy kids learn to speak up more when they need to such as when they don’t understand the history or math lesson or asking what they want.


  2. Critical-Thinking. Thinking outside of the box is crucial for kids these days when given practice problems in school that require critical thinking. Games such as Limbo and Inside not only requires skill but the ability to think of other solutions. Your thinking will be tested on what you think is right and what you should really do. 
  3. Ethics and Morals. Most role-playing games have you play as the hero of the game. Hence the word “hero”, the player is moving towards a goal and does everything in their power to become the hero. The point of this is that the player recognizes good and evil and the goal is to defeat evil by using your good powers. This plays in real life in examples like kids bullying others in school and while not “beating” them by punching them but they do find other ways to prevent the bullying from happening.

Video games can play an important role in your kid’s life. With supervision and monitoring game time, a video game can have rewarding effects, similar to effects of reading books, escaping into another fantasy land full of mystery and puzzles. These are some of the many topics that top paediatricians discuss when the children come in for their physicals.

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