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5 Skills A Modern Woman Must Have Before 40s

Skills A Modern Woman Must have

From past till this time, there has come a drastic change in the life of women. Modern women are strong and independent.

These transformations in women’s lives have not happened overnight, but it took years of struggle, dedication and hard work.

Today, women have excelled in every field. However, still, there are a few skills women must learn or hone, at least if her age is below 40, to be successful.

Here are a five must have skills in your list that will make you more sensible, and make your personal and professional life happier and easier.

1. How to Maintain Finances:

Regardless of what a woman has achieved in life, she should have the knowledge to confidently manage her accounts. A woman must learn to track her incomes, savings, and expenses.

Make sure that you are saving money for something big, like a special vacation, or at least note down in a diary of what you are spending so you can plan for your retirement and investing.

2. How to Defend Yourself:

It is a harsh reality that at some point in your life, you might face predators (mainly male) who may try to attack you or harm you. To save yourself from any unpleasant situation, it is necessary for you to learn the soft spots to attack the attacker.

You can take a self-defence course where you can learn all the techniques to protect yourself. They will also teach you how to use your regular everyday things such as handbags, nail filer, heels, etc. to defend yourself.

3. How to Type Properly:

Whether you are a businesswoman or a housewife, knowledge of typing is compulsory. You don’t know when you need to open your computer or a laptop to fill your electricity bills or other things. If you are a working woman or are in the hunt for a job, this will prove as an invaluable skill for you as employers are more likely to hire a veteran touch typist than a novice, mainly for efficiency.

So, ladies, do yourself a favour and at least learn the basics. There are several websites that give free typing lessons for beginners. If you pass the test, they will also give you a typing certificate that you can put in your CV as an added skill.  

4. How to Protect Your Privacy Online:

The more personal information you share online, the more chances are that it can be stolen or misused by the bad guys. You must have knowledge of what to share online and what is not. Look at your social media profiles and see if you have shared any excess of information.

Also, make sure that you do not save passwords in your office laptops or PCs, or any mobile devices as if they are lost or stolen, the data in it will be a treasure trove for the stranger or the thief. If possible, open all your personal account information in a private browser.

Additionally, if you want to purchase something opt for the traditional way of buying things, i.e. pay for things with cash.

5. How to Travel Solo:

When women travel with friends or in groups, they tend to overthink things that might be risky but worthwhile and choose to do something which is group-friendly and safe. But when you travel alone, you have the independence to take decisions on your own. It will leave you to feel more confident than ever. Coming out of your comfort zone also help you learn to live in a world totally different to what you know.

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