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Things Kids Worry About on the First Day of School

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No matter whatever level of smartness a kid has, the first day in school comes as a nightmare for all. They are unable to get rid of their nervousness and feel lack of confidence. For the kids in general, there are few things that make them worry on the first day of school.

Below we are going to discuss the major 5 things that make the kids worry about, especially on the first day of school.

1. Having a good teacher



Every school going child desires for good teachers. Also, each one of them has a different definition of a good teacher. There is no doubt in the truth that every single teaching member is matured and possesses the expertise required to handle the children in school with love and care. It is the personal expertise and attractive quality in a teacher that makes him/her the favourite teacher not only in a class but in the school. So having a good teacher remains a matter of worry until a kid actually feels comfortable with his/her class teacher.

2. If the subjects will be too hard



The second concern that troubles a student on the first day is if the subjects will be too hard to understand. It is the smart delivery of lesson by a skilled and experienced teacher that makes a subject interesting, engaging and easy to understand. It helps to get rid of the subject fear from the mind. The kids love to study and develop interests in the different subjects because of the respective subject teacher ways of creating interest in the curriculum subjects.

3. Having too much homework

For the students, homework is like a big enemy that every second kid tries to avoid. The more they practice the more easily they can learn. The nervousness lies in the concern of having too much homework as it will not allow the availability of sufficient spare time to play. Every kid loves to play and try to avoid homework resulting in punishment and negative remarks not only for the parents but also for the students. It is better to complete home works on time to avoid the mental tension on the first day of your school.

4. If clothes will be cool

Another noteworthy concern is the school dress that gives rise to many questions in the mind of school going kids. They keep on thinking if clothes will be cool but the fact is that it will certainly be comfortable to wear the whole day long during school timing. If you are really unable to decide what to wear on the first day of school you can visit online for the cool ideas. Go for good fitting and comfortable wear.  

5. Making friends



Last but not least is making friends. Unless you have good friends around you in your school, it will be difficult to enjoy your school days. With your good habits, qualities and friendly nature you can make many friends and love the first day of school. 

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